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What is Bluetooth barcode scanner

Now the latest barcode scanner products already have Bluetooth function, which can connect the barcode scanner with mobile phones or PDAs that support Bluetooth, making data storage and transmission more convenient.
When we usually come into contact with barcode scanners, we often encounter many difficult technical terms: such as optical resolution (optical resolution), maximum resolution (maximum resolution), color resolution (color depth), scanning mode, Interface mode (connection interface), and so on. The author will introduce the basic knowledge of these barcode scanners and popularize the common sense of barcode scanners for readers. Let us know more about barcode scanners, and they can also be used as a reference when we buy barcode scanners. In fact, barcode scanners, barcode scanners, and barcode readers are all the same thing, but they are called differently.
Bluetooth barcode scanner.jpgAn ordinary flat-bed barcode scanner generally comprises a light source, an optical lens, a scanning module, an analog-to-digital conversion circuit, and a plastic casing. It uses photoelectric elements to convert the detected optical signal into an electrical signal, and then converts the electrical signal into a digital signal through an analog-to-digital converter and transmits it to a computer for processing. When scanning an image, after the light source shines on the image, the reflected light passes through the lens and converges on the scanning module. The scanning module converts the light signal into an analog-digital signal (that is, voltage, which is related to the intensity of the received light related), and indicates how dark that pixel is. At this time, the analog-to-digital conversion circuit converts the analog voltage into a digital signal and sends it to the computer. The color is quantized with 8, 10, and 12 bits of RGB three colors, and the signal is processed into the image output of the above-mentioned bits. If there is a higher number of quantization bits, it means that the image can have richer levels and depths, but the color range has exceeded the recognition ability of the human eye, so within the recognizable range, for us, barcodes with higher numbers of bits can be scanned The effect scanned by the device is that the color connection is smooth, and more picture details can be seen.
Bluetooth barcode scanner combines a PDA or mobile phone with a barcode scanner, which not only improves the convenience of use and work efficiency but also saves costs and makes it more widely used.


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