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What are the advantages of mobile data terminals

The mobile data terminal PDA adopts two interactive modes of offline and online to realize the business functions of product warehousing, sales and shipment, transfer and warehousing, store receipt and delivery, warehousing review, and warehouse inventory. For traditional manual counting, recording, and statistics, the defects of low efficiency and high error rate, as well as the limitation of geographical conditions and the inability to provide accurate data quickly, have been greatly improved. Use the mobile data terminal PDA to scan and enter, and then import or transmit the collected actual cargo data to the back-end business system. Compared with the traditional processing methods of manual points, computers, and scanners, mobile data terminal PDA operation is more convenient, data processing is more efficient and accurate, time is reduced, a lot of material resources and labor costs are saved, and the operation method is more flexible. Therefore, mobile data terminals have benefited users in many industries, improved management efficiency, and strengthened corporate competitiveness.
What are the advantages of using PDA?mobile data terminal.jpg1. Easy operation, high speed, and high efficiency; wireless handheld, changing the tedious work of traditional manual counting and input, with extremely high accuracy and work efficiency;
2. You can move freely during inventory, billing, and review, to realize mobile billing, which is not restricted by the venue, breaks through the shackles of wired equipment, and is more efficient;
3. The wireless network downloads basic data and uploads the operating data on the mobile terminal, breaking through the geographical restrictions, and can summarize the inbound and outbound data or warehouse inventory data of each regional store in a short time to the headquarters, providing accurate data for the company's decision-making;
4. Working methods such as high-speed barcode scanning, batch inventory, single-gun patrol, and multi-gun combination, greatly improve work efficiency and save a lot of manpower and material resources;
5. Support WI-FI or Bluetooth to print to a printer.
Scope of application of Lida: warehouse/special counter/store storage, review, and inventory management of pharmaceutical chain companies, clothing, cosmetics, fast-moving consumer goods, and shopping malls and supermarkets.


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