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Mobile printers vs desktop pos printer

1.the volume

mobile printers are small enough to carry around without taking up too much space;

Desktop pos printer can't be carried around, they need to be placed in a fixed place, occupying a relatively large area.

2. the weight mobile printer

Mobile printer has lighter weight

Desktop pos printer is heavy and cannot be carried around.

3. the connection

The desktop POS printer connection method is a wired connection.

4.the Mobile printer and the desktop pos printer compared to the connected device

Because mobile printers are primarily wirelessly connected, there are many devices that can be paired, such as PDAs, cell phones, PADs, and computers.

Because the desktop is mostly wired, the host computer that can be used is relatively simple, usually a computer.

5. Supported systems for comparing mobile printers to desktop printers

The mobile printer provides a richer interface for various systems, such as mainstream Android, Wince, Mobile, IOS, and Window series.

Desktop printers provide a driver interface, and more are implemented on the window.

6. the working environment

Mobile printers work outdoors in many cases, so cold resistance is considered in the early stages of product design;

Desktop pos printers are more commonly used indoors, so there is no consideration of cold resistance when designing;

Therefore, mobile printers are more suitable for winter use in the north.

7. Mobile printer and desktop pos printer compared to the power supply

pos printerMobile printers are battery powered and do not require a power cable;

A power cable is required for the desktop. So portable does not need to consider the power supply problem, the desktop needs a special power supply.

In fact, when it comes to this, I believe everyone should know that whether it is a mobile printer or a desktop printer has its corresponding working environment, no one is good or bad, mainly depends on how we use them.


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