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How to set up and check the barcode printer

Barcode printer applications and areas:

Barcode printers are divided into two types: thermal printers and thermal transfer, which can print labels, commodity price tags, barcodes, and other modes. With the development of technology, the products printed by label printers are widely used. For example, at the bus station, many people found that there is a brand called the public travel information inquiry system on the bus stop. There are black and white, labyrinth-like patterns, and there are specific operational instructions. And some "cool" young people try to use the mobile phone to take pictures of this strange pattern, and the information of the site travel route, nearby food and beverage entertainment, the latest product discount information, download coupons, customized purchase products, etc. appear on the mobile phone. on the screen.

Installation and using method:

1.unpacking inspection

When unpacking, be sure to look at the details inside, whether there are lose. (carbon ribbon, label paper, printer, usb cable, power supply, CD, etc.)

2. installation supplies

There is no ribbon for thermal, just install the barcode paper directly. There is also a need to install the ribbon before you can install the barcode paper. You must be read manual when you install the ribbon. You can not use it if you install the ribbon opposite.

3. calibration paper

Connect the usb cable to the computer, then turn it on. When the three lights are on, press and hold the cancel button. When the three lights flash at the same time, press the feed button to stop automatically. It will be fine.

4. software, driver installation

Use the built-in CD into the computer CD-ROM to install the editing software BarTenderUL. Next, the next step is to complete the installation.

Daily maintenance considerations for the printer

<a href=https://www.lmppos.com/Barcode-Printer.html target='_blank'>barcode printer</a>1. The label printer should be frequently maintained during use. For example, after printing a roll of ribbon or printing for a long time, mainly clean the print head and the roller.

2, the general label paper is a type of self-adhesive, the glue on the paper is easy to stick to the rotating shaft and channel during use, and it is easy to stick dust after a long time.

3. Do not suddenly power off when using the printer normally, which will easily cause a short circuit on the board.

4. Do not disassemble and assemble by yourself.


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