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How to improve the read rate of multi-tag UHF

In practical applications of RFID, it is often necessary to make a mobile computer read a large number of labels at the same time, such as the number of goods in stock, the number of books in a library scene, and the reading of dozens or even hundreds of goods labels on conveyor belts or pallets. For the reading of most goods, the probability of successful reading is called the reading rate.

When you want to read farther away and have a wider range of radio waves, UHF RFID is generally used. Therefore, in the field of logistics and supply chain, UHF RFID technology is selected worldwide. Therefore, we will target UHF. RFID further discusses read rate issues.
What are the factors that affect mobile computer to read rate of UHF RFID?
The read rate is affected by many other factors besides the read distance and scan direction mentioned above. For example, the movement speed of the goods at import and export, the communication speed between the tag and the reader, the materials for pasting the goods and the outer packaging, the placement method of the goods, the temperature and humidity of the environment, the height of the ceiling, and the reader and the reader. the influence between devices, etc.
I believe that after reading the above, you will realize that in the actual application of RFID, it is easily affected by the external environment. These different environmental elements complement each other and together constitute the key difficulties that need to be overcome in the implementation of RFID projects.
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To improve the multi-tag read rate, we must start with the reading principle.
When reading multiple tags, the reader queries first, and the tags respond to the reader's query successively. If multiple tags are responded to simultaneously during reading, the reader will query again and the queried tag will be flagged and allowed to "sleep" to prevent it from being read again. In this way, the high-speed data exchange between the reader and the tag is called congestion control and collision avoidance.
To improve the reading rate of multiple tags, the reading range can be expanded, the reading time can be increased, and the frequency of information exchange between the tag and the reader can be increased. In addition, high-speed communication between the reader and the tag can also improve read rates.
In reality, however, the situation is indeed too complicated. For example, sometimes shipments are equipped with metal products, which may cause some viewing angles to fail to read the labels. Therefore, the direction of the antenna and the position of the goods are very important factors, and a reasonable design is required to allow the reader to read the tags from all angles.
Moreover, even if all kinds of work are done well, other unexpected situations may occur, such as the electronic tag itself breaking.


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