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How to choose metal barcode scanner

Not every person is familiar with the barcode scanner which can scan sweeping metal.
In fact, if there is no certain professional knowledge and relevant work experience,
there is no way to buy a scanner that can scan metal.
We will introduce more about how to choose metal scanning scanner.Hope can help those in need.

Metal bar codes scanner can be roughly classified into three types: etching, photolithography, and special printing.

wireless barcode scannerThe lithographic metal bar code can be fabricated on site, and is relatively convenient to use.However the substrate has certain limitations,
low read rate, fast speed, and high cost. If the image is complex, the delivery time will take long.
Specially printed metal bar codes are opposite.But it have low wear resistance. The etched metal bar code not only has the advantage of a special printed
metal bar code, but also has a strong wear resistance.
Therefore, a general barcode scanner cannot read accurately or cannot read a metal barcode at all.So must use special metal barcode scanner to read.

Since metal bar codes are a special application in the bar code industry and complicated using environment.
What is the environment using metal bar code scanners? The most common areas are asset management, automatic control, automotive production line
management and automated inspection management.Such as motorcycles and bicycles registration, charging and ect.
And the safe registration of catering utensils, electric meter factories, chemical plants, steel plants, mechanical products, electronic products, medical equipment,
pressure vessels, weapons and ammunition, important licenses, credit cards, etc.

The above is about metal barcode scanners. For metal scanners, there are certain differences in metal bar codes due to different industries.
Therefore, everyone must fully understand when purchasing, so that you can purchase the most suitable scanner.


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