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Difference between a PDA and a barcode scanner

As the Internet continues to develop and Internet data continues to expand, barcode data collectors and barcode scanners are becoming more and more widely used, and many stores and merchants choose to use them. The scope of use of barcode data collectors and barcode scanners continues to grow.
However, whenever people choose a barcode data collector and a barcode scanner, they don't know how to judge which one is suitable for them and which one they need. The editor of Bangyue Technology will tell you how to view the difference between barcode data collectors and barcode scanners:PDA.jpg
A barcode data collector, commonly known as an inventory machine, has the following differences from a scanner:
1. Have a memory. The storage method is longer than that of a barcode scanner. The data scanned by the barcode data collector is stored in the memory of the collector, and then the data is transmitted to the computer through the transmission base for batch processing, which is very convenient and efficient.
2. The barcode data collector can work in the same way without being connected to a computer, and the distance from the computer is not limited. It can even be used online in different cities.
3. High-end barcode data collectors have their own PDA type. Not only are they rich in functions, but they can also implement wireless LAN functions (WLAN) and be connected to a computer for batch processing.
4. The barcode data collector has a screen, and you can see the scanned barcode information at any time.
5. The barcode data collector has a keyboard. If there is a barcode error or it is damaged and cannot be scanned, you can use the keyboard to input at any time.
6. The barcode data collection system is relatively flexible and is a system specially tailored for the majority of users. The barcode data collector converts various physical quantities into electrical signals. Temperature, water level, wind speed, pressure, etc. can be analog quantities or digital quantities.
 7. The data measurement methods of barcode data collectors include contact and non-contact, and the detection components are diverse. No matter which method or component is used, the premise is not to affect the state of the measured object and the measurement environment to ensure the accuracy of the data.
Barcode scanner
1. The barcode scanner has no memory and can only transmit instantly.
2. The barcode scanner can only transmit instantly. The barcode scanner must be connected to a computer to work. When the USB interface cable (or keyboard port, RS232 port) is connected to the computer, scan a barcode, and the barcode data will be displayed immediately on your computer.
3. wireless barcode scanner, also called wireless barcode scanner, although it can be used without being connected to a computer, the distance is limited. Usually within 100 meters, it is barrier-free.
4. The barcode scanner does not have a screen. A barcode scanner must convert the barcode compiled by certain rules into data before the user can understand it. That is, the information contained in the barcode scanner itself needs to go through two processes scanning and decoding.


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