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Barcode scanner: a must-have tool for the warehouse

Warehouses are no strangers to many people. Large companies and small businesses will all have their warehouse management. In inventory and product management, barcode management is most commonly used. Barcodes are now required as "ID cards" for each product. Barcode labels on product outer boxes are printed and scanned to form a complete warehouse management system. The handheld barcode scanner is a product that must be used in warehouse management!

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1. Receiving and issuing goods
When receiving goods, staff use warehouse logistics barcode scanners to scan the barcodes on the receipt and the goods for cross-comparison to confirm the correctness of the goods received, and to mark missing goods to avoid overpayments. While receiving goods, the data can also be synchronously transmitted to the inventory system to update the database, so everyone can obtain the latest information at any time. When picking goods, the staff only need to enter the system to find out the correct storage location and shelf number where the goods are stored and scan the barcode on the shelf to confirm again, thereby reducing the risk of misplaced inventory during the picking process. possibility.
2. Goods selection and delivery
When preparing to ship goods, staff can use a barcode scanner for warehouse logistics to scan the barcode on the order to confirm the storage location of the goods in the warehouse. They can also scan the barcode on each package again before the goods are selected and sent to the shipping area. to confirm and send the data to the back-end system to automatically update inventory levels to track and prevent potential errors. Staff in the shipping area can remotely print shipping labels simultaneously, re-confirm the shipment contents by affixing labels, and update the inventory system to track shipment contents.
3. Mobile inventory management
PDA smart handheld terminals or warehouse logistics barcode scanners with wireless network connectivity can help warehouse personnel automatically process orders, and data transmission operations and simplify logistics operations to improve workflow efficiency. When the business staff places an order from the office, the PDA smart handheld terminal can transmit the data back to the back-end database through the wireless local network, so that the warehousing staff can immediately start the process of preparing for shipment after obtaining the information. Other business-related personnel Managers and supervisors can also use the data terminals in their hands to understand the inventory status, and can continuously track the latest status of numerous orders, packaging, cartons, and pallets that are constantly coming in and out.
4. Warehouse moving operation
Before the goods are delivered to the loading area, staff can download all moving data and outbound instructions from the wireless access point (AP) server through the wireless local area network (WLAN), and can also transfer all goods to the warehouse after they are shipped. The updated inventory status is transmitted back to the wireless access point (AP) server, allowing back-end systems to maintain the latest data. PDA smart handheld terminals with wireless LAN networking capabilities and barcode scanners for warehouse logistics can make the work process more efficient and smoother, making it easier for staff to track the shipment status of goods and minimize errors. It can greatly improve work efficiency, reduce personnel expenses, and save inventory space.


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