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Choose the Right Ultra-rugged Barcode Scanner

The 6 issues should be paid attention to when choosing a barcode scanner for industrial storage. First, the industrial barcode scanner is best for your work environment or not? Here is some information on how to choose the right barcode scanner.
1. Does the barcode scanner need to be sturdy?ultra rugged barcode scanner.jpg
In an industrial environment, it is important to ensure that your equipment can withstand the daily working environment. It would help if you considered whether the barcode scanner is exposed to dust, dirt, or water and compared the IP rating of each device. IP Sealing (or International Protection Rating, sometimes interpreted as Ingress Protection Rating), classifies the degree of protection against the intrusion of solid objects, dust, and water in the casing/enclosure. In addition to IP ratings, barcode scanners can be tested for shock and vibration protection and left on concrete or steel surfaces.
2. Does the industrial barcode scanner need to withstand a specific temperature?
If you work in extreme temperatures, you need to consider the proper functioning of your barcode scanner. Pay attention to the working temperature, storage, and charging temperature of the barcode scanner. For example, a refrigerated environment can be particularly difficult for your device. Long-term use of non-optimized devices in cold conditions can cause the screen and casing to become brittle, and repeated condensation can cause internal components to corrode, short out, and fail.
3. Does the barcode scanner need to be portable?
If so, consider a wireless, lightweight, and easy-to-port barcode scanner. Portable or cordless barcode scanners require charging and include a dock for charging the barcode scanner and transferring data. Cordless barcode scanners are usually more expensive per unit but can offer Bluetooth and wireless communication.
4. Can the barcode scanner be connected to the computer?
You need to check your computer's ports first. The barcode scanner connects to a USB, serial, or PS2 port to your computer. The computer must have the necessary compatible ports to connect the scanner. Sometimes an adapter can be used to connect to a different type of port. A tethered reader connected to a computer does not require charging.
5. Is the barcode scanner compatible with the barcode you are using?
Barcodes are most commonly one-dimensional (1D) or two-dimensional (2D), with varying resolutions. If you are using 2D barcodes, make sure you purchase a barcode scanner that can read 2D barcodes. There are several types of barcode scanners, including lasers, linear imagers, and area imagers. Some barcode scanners can even read damaged barcodes.
6. Is the barcode scanner compatible with your current software application?
Many businesses have software for warehouse management, distribution, inventory, and more. You certainly don't want to buy a warehouse barcode scanner that isn't compatible with your existing business systems, be sure to double-check.


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