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Barcode Scanner decoding accuracy introduction

Barcode Scanner decoding accuracy introduction

Many people are not very clear about the barcode scanner's accuracy, but it is always the case that the lowest price can be scanned. In fact, the scanning accuracy is not as high as possible. The barcode scanner with higher scanning accuracy generally has a smaller scanning depth of field, so the width of the barcode it scans is also relatively small. There will be problems in reading some relatively large logistics barcodes, and the accuracy will be lower. If it is too high, if you scan a barcode with a relatively large size, it may be misread. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate for the scanning light spot to be about 0.8 times the width of the minimum line gap. The resolution of 5mil is approximately equal to 0.13mm, and the resolution of 3mil is approximately equal to 0.08mm. In the case of a general commodity barcode with a magnification factor of 0.8, the minimum bar space size is 0.26mm. So if you are scanning commodity barcodes, the scanning accuracy of 5mil is enough.fixed barcode scanner.jpgThe resolution of the barcode scanner can be determined in three aspects: the optical part, the hardware part, and the software part. That is to say, the resolution of the scanner is the resolution of its optical part plus its own resolution after hardware and software processing and analysis.
Optical resolution is the total number of weak points that can be captured by the visual part of the scanning gun per square inch. It refers to the physical resolution of the CCD of the barcode scanner. In fact, it is the real resolution of the barcode scanner. The number is obtained by dividing points by the maximum size that can be scanned horizontally by the scanner. Assuming a scanner with a resolution of 000DPI, usually the resolution of its optical part only accounts for 400-600DPI. The resolution of other extended parts is composed of hardware and software. This process is generated by a computer analyzing the image and filling in the blank part.
Optical scanning corresponds to output, what is scanned is what is output. After sorting through computer software and hardware, the output image will become more realistic and the resolution will be higher. Scanning guns currently on the market generally have software and hardware expansion functions for resolution. Some scanners advertise 9600×9600DPI, which is only the maximum resolution obtained through software interpolation, not the real optical resolution of the scanner. Therefore, its resolution has optical and maximum resolution relative to the barcode scanner. We usually say that the resolution of a certain scanning gun is as high as 4800DPI (this 4800DPI is the sum of optical resolution and software difference processing), It means that when an image is input with a scanning gun, 4800×4800 pixels can be collected on a scanning interface of 1 square inch. Within a scanning area of 1 inch, the image size generated after scanning with a resolution of 4800DPI is 4800Pixel×4800Pixel. When scanning images, the higher the scanning resolution is set, the finer the effect of the generated image, the larger the generated image file, and the corresponding interpolation.


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