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Bluetooth barcode scanner function introduction

In the family of wireless barcode scanners, there is a portable wireless scanning device transmitted through Bluetooth, referred to as a wireless barcode scanner.
A. After the Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner or Bluetooth wireless 2D barcode scanner scans the data, the data transmission method is as follows:

wireless barcode scanner.jpg

1. We usually see wired barcode scanners that can be directly connected to a computer to scan barcodes. The data read by barcode scanning can be transmitted to our computers through cables to facilitate our data applications
2. The wireless scanner can transmit scanning data through the charging base. The wireless charging base needs to be connected to the computer through a cable
3. Compared with a mobile phone, a barcode data collector PDA is a personal mobile device with an efficient scanning engine. It comes with an Android system. After scanning and reading the barcode, the device transmits the transmission to the background through the wireless network. system
4. The function of a portable Bluetooth scanner is a scanning engine with Bluetooth transmission function. We can usually use it to connect our mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc. through Bluetooth, and upload data through Bluetooth
B. When purchasing a wireless scanner, you need to pay attention to the following points:
1. The sensitivity of the scanning engine refers to how fast the scanning speed is.
2. The battery capacity is related to your working time.
3. Ability to resist falling and not easily damaged.
4. Whether it is small and light, making it easy to carry.


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