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Barcode scanner price comparison

There are various reasons that affect the price of barcode scanners in the market. Under normal circumstances, the price of a barcode scanner is mainly determined by its own brand and model. But there are hundreds of brands of barcode scanners on the market today. Even if they are the same brand and model, the price of barcode scanners will vary depending on the region.
1. Laser barcode scanner
As the competition among barcode scanners in the market becomes more and more intense, the price of laser barcode scanners has also been affected to a certain extent. The market price fluctuates sharply, ranging from a few hundred to more than a thousand. Therefore, we generally recommend that when customers choose a barcode scanner, they should not just focus on the brand, but choose a laser barcode scanner that suits their own use.

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2. CCD Barcode scanner
The CCD barcode scanner is the cheapest compared to other types, but it is no worse than the laser barcode scanner in terms of scanning performance and quality. A CCD barcode scanner is a great choice if you want an affordable scanner.
3. Wireless barcode scanner
Wireless barcode scanners are divided into wireless 1D barcode scanners and 2D wireless barcode scanners. The price of 1D wireless scanners is generally around 700-3,000RMB. The price of 2D wireless scanners is relatively higher, generally between 2,500-6,000RMB.
Wireless barcode scanners are generally equipped with a transmission base and are connected via Bluetooth. The communication distances are also different. And because the transmission distance is different, the price of the barcode scanner will also be different.
4. Industrial barcode scanner
The price of industrial barcode scanners should be the highest among all types of scanners, generally between 3,000-7,000RMB.
Under normal circumstances, the industrial environment is changeable, and industrial scanners must withstand the test of various environments. Therefore, it has higher requirements for the performance and quality of the scanner, and it needs to be dustproof, waterproof, moistureproof, shockproof, and fallproof.


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