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what is POS Cash Register

The basic principle of the POS system is to first create the product data in the computer file, through the computer cash register online architecture, the bar code on the commodity can be directly read by the optical reading device on the cash register device (or directly from the keyboard Enter the code) to display the product information (unit price, department, discount...) to speed up the cash register speed and correctness. The detailed sales information (sale price, department, time period, customer level) of each product is automatically recorded and then transmitted back to the computer by the rack. Through the computer calculation process, various sales statistical analysis information can be generated as the basis for business management.
The POS machine reads the cardholder magnetic stripe information on the bank card through the card reader, and the POS operator inputs the transaction amount, and the card holder inputs the personal identification information (ie, the password), and the POS passes the information through the UnionPay center and then sends the information. The issuing bank system completes the online transaction, gives information on the success or failure, and prints the corresponding ticket. The application of POS realizes online consumption of bank cards such as credit cards and debit cards, ensuring the security, speed and accuracy of transactions, avoiding complicated labor such as manual blacklisting and pressing, and improving work efficiency.
The design of the magnetic stripe card module is required to meet the needs of the three-track magnetic card, that is, the module should be able to read the magnetic cards of 1/2, 2/3, 1/2/3 tracks. The communication interface circuit usually consists of RS232 interface, PINPAD interface, IRDA interface and RS485 interface circuit. The RS232 interface is usually for the POS program download port. The PINPAD interface is usually the interface between the host and the PIN pad. The IRDA interface is usually the infrared communication interface of the mobile phone and the landline. Interface signals are usually composed of a transmit signal, a receive signal, and a power signal.cash register
The MODEM board is composed of a central processing module, a memory module, a MODEM module, and a telephone line interface. First, the POS will first detect the /RING and /PHONE signals to determine if the voltage on the telephone line is available. The switch returns the dialable tone, the POS dialing, the sending light flashes, the dialing is started, and the switch is determined by the communication protocol. The signal handshake between the POS is confirmed, and then the data exchange of the POS is started, and the signal is sent and received through the MODEM circuit; after completion, the signal is hung up to end the process.
Applicable to large and medium-sized supermarkets, chain stores, hypermarkets, large and medium-sized hotels and all high-level management retail enterprises.
It has an IC card function and can use a membership card and an internal issue of an IC card and securities.
Can be displayed.
It can be connected to a variety of peripherals such as barcode scanner and pos printer.barcode scanner
It has the management functions of large chain supermarkets such as front and back office import, sales, storage and distribution.
The catering type has a catering service function, and can be connected to various kitchen printers, hand-held food machines and other peripherals.
It can realize unattended remote communication with PC and download data.
With Ethernet communication function, the ADSL broadband constitutes a total and branch network real-time management system.
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The whole set of POS machines is more expensive, and requires a set of software for collection in addition to hardware. The software includes functions such as input, sales, statistics, printing, and POS machine component cash box control. It is actually a small database application software for specific purposes.
POS is divided into brand POS and DIYPOS. DIYPOS is relatively low in price, because the peripherals used are relatively different in price. The recent POS price is 3000~3500. DIYPOS is different from computer. Different chassis, Different monitors, etc., but the computer can implement the POS function. Connecting the computer to the POS peripheral can realize the POS function, but the style is ugly.
Outside the POS:
Guest display, divided into two types of LEDs and VFDs - is for customers to see, the amount received, the amount of change.
Ticket printer - a printer that prints receipt tickets. There are two types of stylus printers and thermal printers. The price of the stylus printer is relatively high. The price is between 500 and 700. Printers below 500 should not be bought, and the failure rate is very high.
Card reader - the device that brushes the magnetic card, mainly used for member points and stored value of members in the store.point of sale
Cash box - a device that loads money. The printer automatically pops the cash box after the ticket is printed.
Scanning equipment - equipment for scanning commodity barcodes, from the style of scanning barcode and laser platforms, it is recommended to use barcode scanner (higher platform price), scanning transmitters are divided into infrared and laser, infrared is also called CCD.


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