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How to determine the quality of barcodes

Barcode scanner: Some people will ask, how do we judge the quality of barcodes, or those barcodes are good barcodes?
The first is color. The color of the barcode must be matched to ensure that the contrast of the color of the bar is large enough. The color of the barcode can be divided into dark blue, dark green, dark brown, and our common black. The empty color can be red, orange, yellow, or white, with black and white working best.barcode scanner.jpgFor example, when printing barcode symbols on transparent materials such as plastic and glass, it is not possible to print only the color of the bar without printing the background color. Otherwise, the scanning gun will not be able to collect the empty reflected signal and cannot read it. Therefore, when printing barcodes on transparent materials, the background color must be pre-printed.
The second is the size. You can choose the barcode magnification factor within the range of 0.8-2.00 times the standard size according to the size of the outer packaging of the product and the allowable printing area. The height of the barcode should not be less than one-third of the standard height. There must be a blank area on the left and right sides of the barcode, which belongs to the safety range of the barcode, and there needs to be a blank space of more than 2.5mm from the edge.
At the same time, the position is also very important. The determination of the position of the barcode symbol should comply with the principle of no deformation and easy reading, and the curvature of the barcode should not exceed 30 degrees. Barcodes cannot be placed on tangent lines. The barcode must also be at least 5mm away from the edges, overlaps, and folds or corners of the package. The grade of the barcode refers to the quality of the printed or printed barcode. The designed and qualified barcode mainly depends on the effect of printing or printing.
Usually, there are more possibilities if the barcode level does not go up. For example, the problem of using barcode editing software, the barcode of the software itself is not standard and other factors. If this is the reason, you need to look at the barcode software used.
The problem with the printing method will also cause the barcode level to fail. You need to know whether you use a barcode printer for printing or a printing machine for printing. If you use a label printer and automatic barcode software with the barcode machine, as long as the quality of the material is not good If it is poor, then the barcode level printed out can usually reach C level or above.
Finally, there is the problem of typesetting, and see if there is a typesetting problem.
Reminder, all the software that makes barcodes cannot control the level of barcodes 100%, even professional barcode editing software cannot. If it can be controlled, no one will buy a barcode detector to check and see the barcode level Is it qualified.


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