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What tests should a good barcode printer stand?

Test 1. The number of prints
If you need to print a lot of labels every day, you need a high-volume industrial-grade barcode printer with fast printing speed and durability, which is convenient for your needs and can not always fail, otherwise, it will affect your work efficiency.
Test 2, the size of the label
A general barcode printer can print 4"X6" labels, which are the labels used for shipping. Of course, you can also change the size of the label according to your own needs, so as to print the label that suits your needs.
Test 3, the content of the label
Ordinary printers can print barcodes and text. However, if you need to print different barcodes on each sheet of paper, and the requirement cannot be disconnected, then you need a more advanced printer to complete the work, that is, with 32 A printer with a bit processor that helps you get the job done quickly.<a href=https://www.lmppos.com/Barcode-Printer.html target='_blank'>barcode printer</a>.jpg

Test 4, the quality of the label
The printing resolution of barcode printers is generally divided into 203dpi, 300dpi, and 600dpi; the larger the value of dpi, the better the printing effect. If you want to print high-quality images on labels, you may consider using a 300dpi printhead.
Test 5, the printing speed
Different styles of printers have different printing speeds, and the speed is generally adjusted according to the needs of users. The printing speed of ordinary barcode printers is 2″-6″/sec per second, while high-speed printers can reach more than 10″/sec. If you are in a hurry and need to complete it quickly in a short time, you can choose a high-speed printer.


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