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What is the PDA machine

handheld barcode terminal.jpgPDA is also known as a handheld barcode terminal computer, which can help us to complete work, study, entertainment, etc. on the move. Classified by use, it can be divided into industrial grade PDA and consumer PDA. Industrial-grade PDAs are mainly used in the industrial field. Common barcode scanners, RFID readers, POS machines, etc. can all be called PDAs; consumer PDAs include more, smartphones, tablet computers, handheld game consoles, etc.
Industrial-grade PDA has data storage and calculation capabilities, display, and input functions, and can communicate with other devices. It is powered b
y an independent battery and can be used for secondary development. It is characterized by sturdiness and

handheld barcode terminal.jpg durability and can be used in many harsh environments. At the same time, many optimizations have been made for industrial use characteristics.
Industrial-grade PDA is specially designed and developed for industrial fields or special work application scenarios. In terms of fu
nction, the industrial-grade PDA has a built-in scanning head that can scan one-dimensional, two-dimensional bar codes, and even DPM codes. Equipped with Bluetooth, camera, call, GPS, multi-mode wireless network, data communication, and other functions, with a large-capacity battery, long battery life, and a high industrial level above IP65.

An industrial-grade PDA equipped with an RFID reading function can automatically identify the target object and obtain related data through radio frequency identification signals without manual intervention. It can identify high-speed moving objects and can identify multiple RFID tags at the same time. The operation is fast and convenient. It can be divided into Low frequency, high frequency, ultra-high frequency, active, etc. All of the above are not available in consumer PDAs.


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