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What is pos hardware

POS hardware components include:
1) Barcode scanner, which is a barcode reading device, can be divided into four types in appearance: pen type, hand-held type, desktop type, and card type, and can be divided into two types according to the light source: CCD and laser. A POS with a barcode scanner is a must-have for busy retail stores. Barcode scanners make the checkout process quick and easy, reducing transaction times and allowing you to serve more customers. Depending on your business, you can choose to use a countertop scanner and stand to support hands-free scanning or a Bluetooth barcode scanner that lets you scan anywhere.

POS hardware.jpg2) Receipt printer: In addition to the built-in printer, the electronic cash register can also be connected to an external printer (such as kitchen printers and receipt printers used in the catering industry)

3) Magnetic card reader --- it is a device for reading or writing magnetic recording signals. Read the information recorded by the credit card into the cash register. It has many types and models and is divided into three types: single track, double track, and triple track in terms of the number of tracks.

4) Electronic scale --- When weighing and measuring goods on-site, the electronic scale will transmit the weight and data to the cash register.

5) Cash drawer--Although more consumers prefer to pay by phone, cash payments are still very much a part of small business transactions.


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