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What can QR barcode scanner do for retailers

Scan barcodes on any medium: Image scanners can read almost any type of barcode: including traditional barcodes and matrix barcodes, such as QR codes, which include membership or promotional information on the phone screen. With the popularity of Alipay and WeChat wallets, retailers are increasingly looking to scan their phone's barcodes. Two-dimensional barcode scanner will be their perfect assistant. omnidirectional barcode scanner

2. Information Collection: The 2D image barcode scanner can easily capture images of a series of files, and the digital image storage is economical at any time, and can also be used to help improve the workflow. So image scanners are an economic choice for many of the industry's leading retailers.

3. Convenient operation: 2D image scanner has all-round scanning performance, it can easily scan barcodes from multiple angles, upgrade scan engine with excellent motion tolerance, ergonomics, innovative industrial design, not only convenient barcode scanning

4. The storage of the product:also facilitates the checkout of electronic coupons or consumer e-wallets.

Improve the consumer experience: 2D image scanners can quickly scan 1D/2D barcodes and promote barcodes on mobile phone screens or e-wallets, reducing the time consumers spend queuing and checking out, thus increasing the shopper's shopping experience. Sumerian. In addition, as mentioned above, image scanners can support O2O mobile marketing campaigns that are popular with consumers, making retailers stand out in the fierce market competition.

Currently, mobile payments and marketing are driving the transformation of the entire retail industry. Image barcode scanning has become the driving force of this revolution. For retailers who wish to implement these applications, consider whether to upgrade the barcode scanning device based on the above points.


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