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RFID handheld barcode terminal

With the rapid development of modern society, the level of educational technology has improved. The increase in investment in fixed assets in universities (books, voice system classrooms, multimedia equipment, large-scale teaching equipment, etc.) is also showing signs of fatigue in management. Fixed assets have the characteristics of high equipment value, long service life, loose configuration location, and difficult management. Therefore, fixed asset management has become a cumbersome and complicated system engineering in the management of colleges and universities. For the time being, most colleges and universities implement fixed asset management based on the principle of account management and separate management models. Usually the equipment department manages teaching equipment, the logistics department manages land, houses, buildings, furniture, library management books and magazines, and the finance department is responsible for accounting of fixed assets. Objectively speaking, the current colleges and universities generally adopt the functions of the relevant departments of fixed assets management, and each department is responsible for the mode of equipment procurement, asset management, financial accounting, etc., such a management structure, whether from mutual supervision, responsibility, or Administrative coordination is more reasonable.
The RFID handheld terminal transmits a certain frequency of the radio frequency signal through the radio frequency antenna, generates an induced current when the electronic tag enters the working area of the transmitting antenna, and the energy obtained by the electronic tag is activated; the electronic tag transmits the information such as its own code through the built-in transmitting antenna of the card; the system receives The antenna receives the carrier signal transmitted from the electronic tag, and transmits the signal to the reader through the antenna adjuster, and the reader demodulates and decodes the received signal, and then sends the signal to the background main system for correlation processing; the main system determines the logic according to the logic operation. The legality of the card, corresponding processing and control for different settings, issuing command signals to control the action of the actuator.handheld barcode terminal
The handheld barcode terminal system is of great significance for the verification of fixed assets. When the management department purchases the goods into the warehouse, it installs the electronic label and writes the information of the assets in the label. Each time the asset management operation is performed, the handheld terminal device automatically reads the items. The above electronic tag and send the information back to the server for processing, so as to achieve real-time tracking management of assets. Label entry is also done in one go. For the newly purchased assets to be registered and registered - the information about the equipment to be managed (asset barcode, model, name, location) is written into the "electronic label of asset management" through "asset information entry to the handheld terminal device"; assets The information can be modified according to the actual requirements of the asset management department. The fixed management information such as the device name is permanently locked after being written into the label, preventing the use department from making changes, resulting in management confusion. After the asset information is solidified, the “asset management electronic label” storing the asset information of the device is attached to the device asset, and the attachment form may be suspended, pasted or embedded. The label cannot be removed when it is attached to the asset. If it is removed manually, the label is automatically damaged.
The inventory efficiency has been greatly improved. All asset data is input at one time. The system automatically determines the new, allocated, idle, and scrapped asset status based on the data collected by different base stations and regional RFID handheld devices. The end user uses the visual GIS operation interface to perform real-time statistics and query of asset data at any time, anywhere, and through a browser. When carrying out asset inventory, you can use the "handheld terminal equipment" to conduct irregular inspections, check the asset management situation, and efficiently and quickly find out the cases of borrowing and switching without using the formal process. The RFID handheld terminal can simultaneously recognize and read multiple RFID tags, batch processing, instant completion, and higher efficiency.
RFID handheld barcode terminal enable "full lifecycle management" and "automatic management." RFID tags can add, modify, and delete data stored in RFID tags without limiting the number of times. Accurate and efficient reading can be achieved as long as it is within the coverage of radio waves. Greatly improved the efficiency in the management of fixed assets. The whole process is fast, simple and convenient, without the intervention of any other factors.

handheld barcode terminal


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