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Introduction to barcode system

The symbology is the coding requirement of the bar code, and the main function of the digital system is to process the information. Therefore, the information must be expressed in a form that the circuit can recognize and is convenient for operation and storage.
encoding rules:
1. Nature: The same product of the same specification corresponds to the same product code, and different specifications of the same product should correspond to different product codes. According to the different properties of the product, such as weight, packaging, specifications, smell, color, shape, etc., different commodity codes are assigned.
2. Permanent: Once the product code is assigned, it will not be changed and will be for life. When such a product is no longer in production, its corresponding product code can only be put on hold, and cannot be reused and then allocated to other commodities.
Have you ever encountered a situation where the scanner cannot be scanned during its use of the scanner? This is often caused by the incorrect setting of the code system of your barcode scanner.barcode scanner.jpgSo what exactly is a code system? When the barcode scanner leaves the factory, in order to optimize the decoding performance of the scanner, some uncommon code systems are locked. When your barcode is just within the range of the locked code system, it will cause unrecognized, you only need to Use the setup manual to enable this code system.
There are many types of barcodes, and there are more than 20 common code systems, including: Code39 code (standard 39 code), Codabar code (Codabar code), Code25 code (standard 25 code), ITF25 code (interleaved 25 code) , Matrix25 code (Matrix 25 code), UPC-A code, UPC-E code, EAN-13 code (EAN-13 product barcode), EAN-8 code (EAN-8 product barcode), China Postal Code (Matrix 25 code) One-dimensional code such as code-B code, MSI code, Code11 code, Code93 code, ISBN code, ISSN code, Code128 code (Code128 code, including EAN128 code), Code39EMS (39 code dedicated to EMS), etc. Barcodes and 2D barcodes such as PDF417
First of all, we need to check what code system the printed barcode is, that is, the type of barcode. Usually, the common code systems on the market are code128, code39, code93, EAN-13, etc. If the code system you print is not within this range, you must Enable the scanning function of other code systems of the barcode scanner. Special note: Many customers will use the CODE93 code to print, and some scanners do not have CODE93 enabled, so the code system must be set.


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