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Industrial and common barcode scanner different

The barcode scanner can be divided into many types according to the different use environments. The most commonly seen is the barcode scanner for supermarket cashiers. What about the barcode scanner used in the industry? Is it the same as a common barcode scanner?

The differences between industrial barcode scanners and common barcode scanners are as follows.
1. Scanner IP ratingindustrial barcode scanner
You can think that the industrial environment is different from the supermarket environment. The industrial environment is harsher than the supermarket environment. When using the scanner, it is very likely that you will encounter liquid, shock, vibration, and a lot of dust. Therefore, an industrial barcode scanner usually has an industrial-grade assessment to determine the stability and reliability of the barcode scanner. No one wants to buy a barcode scanner and it will malfunction all day long, delaying normal production. On the contrary, the supermarket environment has greatly reduced the requirements for the IP rating of the scanner.
2.the difference in scanning performance of the scanner
The industrial environment is very complicated. Sometimes scanning barcodes under strong light, outdoor operation, long-distance scanning barcodes, or scanning density barcodes, these factors make ordinary barcode scanners unable to meet the special requirements of barcode collection in industrial environments. The most common barcode in supermarkets is EAN-13. Many product barcodes are printed. The quality of the barcode is very good and it is easy to scan. There are many types of scanners, but no matter which classification scanner, they are generally Can be scanned.
3. the difference in the price of the scanner
Industrial barcode scanners are usually drop-resistant, dust-proof, and waterproof, so the price is also high. Although barcode scanner in supermarkets has certain IP ratings, for cost considerations, the industrial rating generally assessed is also low. Therefore, barcode scanners in supermarkets generally range from a few hundred to more than a thousand, which is much lower than that in the industry. Although scanners used in factories and supermarkets are different, the ultimate goal is to better scan and collect barcodes. It's just that different barcode scanners are used for different use environment requirements.
Therefore, the scanning gun is selected according to the use environment. The barcode scanner used in supermarkets and industries is different. The use environment determines the direction of the use of the scanning gun, so when you want to buy it, you should consider the use environment, not the higher the price. The better, it has to be selected according to the environment in which it is used, and it is more targeted


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