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How to clean the barcode scanner

To make the barcode scanner have a longer life, it is necessary to clean the barcode scanner regularly. Then, which aspects of the specific cleaning, how to clean, and which aspects need to be paid attention to during the cleaning process. We must understand these issues about the barcode scanner in order to better Maintain the barcode scanner.
The four major cleaning steps make the barcode scanner longer life, the specific steps are as follows:
1. Clean the shellbarcode scanner.jpg
 We all have this experience: When you directly wipe the surface of a dusty object with a damp cloth, it will make the surface very flowery. Therefore, it is best to take a dry and soft cotton cloth to remove the floating dust-covered on the barcode scanner housing, and then wipe it again with a damp cloth, so that the dust can basically be "eliminated". If there are still some other stains on the shell at this time, we can dip some washing powder on a damp cloth to remove it. After cleaning, use a clean damp cloth to wipe the area with detergent several times.
When cleaning the housing, we should be careful not to touch the glass plate of the barcode scanner, and at the same time, we should wring out the wet cloth as much as possible to avoid dirty water flowing out of the flat glass during the wiping process.
2. Cleaning the glass plate
After the shell is basically dry, open the upper cover of the barcode scanner, and blow a few blows against the flat glass with a blowing balloon to "drive away" the dust attached to the surface. For stains that cannot be blown away, use glass cleaner to clean them, and then wipe them with a soft dry cotton cloth. Since the cleanness of the glass panel is directly related to the scanning quality of the image, we must be careful when cleaning the panel.
3. Clean the internal optical components
Next, we can open the flat glass of the barcode scanner to clean the optical components inside the barcode scanner. Generally speaking, the case and base of the barcode scanner are stuck together, so they can be easily removed without a screwdriver. In the optical components, we need to focus on cleaning the fluorescent tube of the barcode scanner: dip a cotton ball in distilled water, and then squeeze the water out of the cotton ball strongly (to ensure that no water will flow out during the wiping process), gently Wipe back and forth on the lamp tube. Because the optical components are relatively *, so when cleaning this equipment, the action should be light and stable.
4. Clean the transmission device
The sliding rod on the transmission mechanism of the barcode scanner is another important point that we should pay attention to. Usually, when the barcode scanner is noisy during the working process, it is likely to be a problem with the sliding rod. At this time, we can find some lubricating oil to be evenly coated on the sliding rod to improve the lubricity of the mechanism in the transmission mechanism.


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