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Different between Laser and CCD barcode scanner

Barcode scanners can be divided into a one-dimensional laser barcode scanner, a CCD barcode scanner, and a two-dimensional barcode scanner according to the scanning image light. All kinds of barcode scanners are different. 
Compared with the CCD barcode scanner, the laser barcode scanner emits finer and longer light from the light source.
Laser barcode scanner
The hand-held laser scanner emits a beam of light through a laser diode, which is irradiated on a rotating prism or a mirror that swings back and forth. The reflected light passes through the reading window and shines on the surface of the bar code. The light is reflected by the bar or empty and returns to the photoelectric On the sensor, it is decoded and converted into electrical signals and sent to the computer processing center for processing.
Laser barcode scanner Features
The laser barcode scanner has strong penetrating power, long scanning distance (depth of field) (5-35 cm), large scanning width (25 cm), fast scanning speed, sensitive response, radiation, low price, but poor crushing ability, reading damaged codes Weak ability, only suitable for one-dimensional paper barcodes, not for two-dimensional and mobile phone screen scanning. Its working principle is that the prism rotates to turn the point laser into linear light, and its life is relatively short.barcode scanner.png
CCD barcode scanner
Using one or more LEDs, the light emitted can cover the entire barcode, and the image of the barcode is transmitted to a row of lights, sampled by each individual photodiode, and distinguished by adjacent detection results as "black" or "white" Each bar or space, so as to determine the characters of the bar code, in other words, the CCD reader does not pay attention to reading each "bar" or "space", but the entire part of the bar code, and converts it into an electrical signal that can be decoded (image format )

CCD barcode scanner features
The penetrating power of the CCD is weak, the scanning distance (depth of field) is relatively short, the scanning speed is fast, the response is sensitive, no radiation, the price is moderate, it supports screen scanning, and it is better than the laser. It is only suitable for one-dimensional barcodes. cannot be used in 2D
How to choose between a laser and CCD barcode scanner?

When you only need to scan paper barcodes, and the barcodes are relatively slender, choose a laser, because the CCD cannot scan small barcodes;
Choose a CCD barcode scanner if you need to scan barcodes on paper and electronic screens. Compared with laser barcode scanners, CCD barcode scanners are more versatile and can scan both paper and electronic screen barcodes.


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