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Defination of 2-dimensional bar code

The 2D barcode scanner can read 2D code  is also called QR Code. QR stands for Quick Response. It is a super popular encoding method on mobile devices in recent years. It can store more information and can represent more data than traditional 1D Bar Code. Types of.Two-dimensional bar code / 2-dimensional bar code uses a certain geometric figure to record data symbol information in a black and white pattern that is distributed in a plane (in a two-dimensional direction) according to a certain rule; it is clever in the coding of the code The concept of "0" and "1" bitstreams, which form the internal logic basis of computers, is used to represent text numerical information using a number of geometric shapes corresponding to binary, which are automatically read by image input equipment or photoelectric scanning equipment to achieve Automatic information processing: It has some common features of barcode technology: each code system has its specific character set; each character occupies a certain width; it has a certain check function, etc. At the same time, it also has the function of automatically identifying the information of different lines and processing the change point of the graphics rotation.


1. High-density coding with large information capacity: It can accommodate up to 1850 uppercase letters or 2710 numbers or 1108 bytes or more than 500 Chinese characters, which is about tens of times higher than the information capacity of ordinary barcodes.

2.Wide coding range: The bar code can encode information that can be digitized, such as pictures, sounds, text, signatures, fingerprints, etc., and is represented by a bar code; it can represent multiple languages and characters; it can represent image data.

3.Strong fault tolerance and error correction: This allows 2D barcodes to be read correctly even if they are partially damaged due to perforations, stains, etc., and the information can be recovered even if the damaged area reaches 50%. barcode scanner

4. High decoding reliability: It is much lower than the ordinary bar code decoding error rate of two parts per million, and the bit error rate does not exceed one ten million.

5. Encryption measures can be introduced: good confidentiality and security.

6. Low cost, easy to make and durable.

7.The shape and size of the bar code symbol are variable.

8. 2D barcodes can be read using a laser or CCD barcode scanner.


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