Barcode Printer

  • 4 Inch Direct Thermal Barcode Printer
  • 4 Inch Direct Thermal Barcode Printer
4 Inch Direct Thermal Barcode Printer4 Inch Direct Thermal Barcode Printer

4 Inch Direct Thermal Barcode Printer

  • Model:1225D
  • 203dpi high resolution
  • 120mm paper exit chute
  • 2-8inch/s high-speed printing
  • Product description: label printer,barcode printer,thermal label printer,barcode label printer,label printing machine,mini printer
● 203 dpi high resolution
● 2-8 inch/s high-speed printing
● 120mm paper exit chute
● Support media width from 20mm to 118mm
● Support two-dimensional barcode printing (QRCODE)
● Three switchable pressures of print head
● Single-motor gear driven design and merged sensor design
● Separate mechanism structure, direct thermal printing
● Modular designs will satisfy different Customers'' demand
● Automatic paper calibration and adaptive temperature control
● Support English, Chinese and Korean languages etc.
● Support Thermal paper, Thermal label, Adhesive thermal paper etc.
● Reserved external paper feeding chute; Easy paper feeding
● Optional external media holder supports 8.4"OD industrial-grade media rolls

Print Mode Direct thermal
Resolution 203dots/inch (8dots/mm)
Dot Size 0.125x0.125mm (1mm=8dots)
Print Width Max 104mm (4.09")
Print Length 2286mm (90")
Print Speed 2-8 inch/s
Interface USB+Serial
Print Head Temperatur sensor thermal sensitive :ressistance
Pisition sensor: microswith
Memory DRAM:2M FLASH: 2M
Pulse excitation 1X10^8
Paper Roll OD 127mm (5")
Paper Type Continuous paper, Thermal paper, Thermal label, Adhesive thermal paper etc.
Paper Rolling Up Method Printing side outward rolling / Printing side inward rolling
Paper Width Max. 118mm (4.64") Min. 20mm (0.78")
Paper Thickness Max.0.254mm (10mil) Min. 0.06mm (2.36mil)
Paper Roll Core Size 25.4mm-38mm (1"-1.5")
Paper Gap Min. 2 mm (0.09")
Label Length 10-2286mm (0.39"-90")
Remark: If label length is less than 25.4mm(1 inch), the label paper with perforated line are recommended in order to tear off the labels easily
Enlargement&Rotation 1 to10 times enlargement in both directions
0°,90°,270°,360° rotation
Character Size FONT 0 to FONT 8
Barcode Mode CODE128/EAN128/ITF/CODE39/CODE93/EAN13/
Power Supply The built-in voltage automatic switching power supply
Input: AC 110V/240V, Output: 50 - 60Hz, DC 24V/2A
Physical properties
Weight 2.09kg
Dimension 180*176*238mm
Work Environment Temperature: 5 - 45°C, Humidity: 20- 80%
Storage Environment Temperature: -40- 55°C, Humidity: 10 - 93%



No3 Hao Tai Technology Park,Shenzhou Road 768,Sicence City,Luogang District,Guangzhou,China



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