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Kiosk Printer mechanism

  • Thermal Mechanisms
Thermal Mechanisms

Thermal Mechanisms

  • Model:KP3300
  • Print speed: 300mm/s
  • Product description: Thermal Printer Mechanism,printer head,kiosk printer,kiosk,printer mechanism

• Super high speed printing: 300mm/sec
• Easy paper setting
• High resolution printing: 8 dots/mm
• Long life:150km print length or 100 million pulses
• Low noise
• Thermal head cleaning
• Anti-static electricity function

Model KP3300
Print method Thermal dot line printing
Dots per line 640dots
Resolution 8 dots/mm
Maximum print speed 300 mm/sec
Print width 80mm
Paper width 80mm
Paper feed pitch 0.125 mm
Paper path Curved
Head temperature detection Via a thermistor
Platen position detection Via a mechanical switch
Out-of-paper detection Via a photo interrupter
Cutter home position Via a mechanical switch
Logic power supply(VDD) 5V
Heater print voltage(VH) 24V
Peak current(A) Head 5.01A (26.4V / 128 dots)
Motor 0.40A
Cutter 1.20A
Auto Cutter Method Slide type
Paper thickness(mm) 0.054~0.120
Cutting type Partial cut(leave center point)
Operating time(sec/cycle)max 0.4
Cutting pith(mm)min 10
Cut frequency(cut/min)max 60
Service life Pulse activation 100 million pulses or more
Abrasion resistance(KM) 150 km or more
Life(cutter) 1,500,000
Operating temperature range
(No condensation)
0°C to 50°C
Storage temperature range (No condensation) -20°C to 60°C
Dimensions (excluding the lever and convex part) 112.9(W)X71.4(D)X35.85(H)mm
Mass Approx. 285g
Print speed changes according to the processing speed of the controller and print pulse width.
When printing equal to the print width is performed.
Changing rate of average head resistance: 15% or less



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