80mm POS Printer

  • 80mm POS Receipt Printer
80mm POS Receipt Printer

80mm POS Receipt Printer

  • Model:U80300II
  • Print speed: 300mm/s
  • Interface: Serial+USB+Ethernet
  • Product description: pos printer,retail pos,receipt printer,pos machine,pos equipment,thermal printer,mini printer,kitchen printer


● Embedded WEB webpage, directly through the IE to configure the printer
● USB using virtual serial port mode, also supports the OPOS application
● support serial +USB+100M Ethernet interface
● 100M card, connected to print more quickly, to avoid losing situation
● support high-speed download print, serial print speed up 66%
● support two-dimensional bar code printing function (optional),Can automatically recover print
● network disconnection,A standard GB18030 simplified / traditional Chinese Chinese characters library
● built-in data buffer (print can receive printed data),
● characters can be amplified, bold, underline the print, can adjust the character line spacing and left and right spacing print
● support different density and download print bitmap graphics,A small power consumption, low operation cost
● support network printing condition monitoring, computer printing multiple connection
● printer support authentication, computer software
● ESC/POS compatible printer instruction set, each line of print characters and font options (adjusted DIP switch)

POS Receipt printer Specification:

Print method: Direct thermal line
Print width: 64/76mm
Dot density: 512/576dot/line
Print speed: 300mm/s
Interface: Serial+USB+Ethernet
Paper diameter: 83mm
Line space: 3.75mm(can be adjustive)
Character Size:
ANK Font Font A: 12×24dots Font B: 9×17dots
Simplified/Traditional Chinese Character: 24×24dots

Code page: PC437/Katakana/PC850/PC860/PC863/PC865/West Europe/Greek/Hebrew/East Europe/Iran/WPC1252/PC866/PC852/PC858/IranII/Latvian/Arabic/PT151,1251/PC737/WPC/
1257/Thai Vietnam/PC864/PC1001/(Latvian)/(PC1001)/(PT151,1251)/(WPC1257)/(PC864)/(Vietnam)/(Thai)
Barcode mode: UPC-A/UPC-E/JAN13(EAN13)/JAN8(EAN8)CODE39/ITF/
Fonts: GB18030

Data: 128K bytes
NV Flash: 256K bytes

Cash drawer out: DC 24V/1A
Power supply: AC 110V/220V,50 ~ 60Hz,DC 24V/2A

Physical properties
Weight: 1.23kg
Dimension: 180×139×127mm

Work environment Temperature:0 ~ 45°C,Humidity:10 ~ 80%
Storage environment Temperature:-10 ~ 60°C,Humidity:10 ~ 90%
Auto Cutter Reliablity 150km



No3 Hao Tai Technology Park,Shenzhou Road 768,Sicence City,Luogang District,Guangzhou,China



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