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LMPH947 handheld barcode terminal use in fresh cold chain management

1.the application background

At present, the status quo of large-scale fresh-chain cold chain distribution centers is large in volume, large in variety, long in distance, and scattered in many outlets, which seriously affects the reputation of enterprises and causes enterprises to suffer major economic losses. Due to the inefficient efficiency of traditional manual goods docking and inventory, it is easy to cause problems such as deterioration of products and decline in freshness. Seriously affect the health of the purchaser.

handheld barcode terminal

2. the problem is solved

The LMPH947 handheld barcode terminal combines RFID radio frequency identification technology with sensing technology to effectively reduce the cost of the fresh cold chain management link and improve operational efficiency. The cold chain management system records the temperature change on the "RFID tag with temperature sensor", and manages the freshness and quality of the product in a detailed and real-time manner, which can solve the deterioration problem in the circulation of food and medicine.

The RFID handheld barcode terminal is applied to the inventory management of fresh food, which can reduce manual review work and improve work efficiency. It can guarantee the safety of the storage quality of the goods to the greatest extent and reduce the management cost. For cold chain retailers, when a certain item is out of stock, the automatic replenishment system will display the automatic replenishment in time, and can quickly order from the upstream enterprise, through the practical RFID handheld terminal solution and RFID technology. Ensure that the required goods are safely and arrived on time, so that there will be no short or out of stock phenomenon and improve the quality of customer service. handheld barcode terminal

3. product characteristics

Slim and small

Accurate data collection

Full data report can be viewed at any time

Traceability cloud platform storage


Multiple data reading methods

High definition data display

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