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POS Printer FAQ:
Q:When the Serial Port Printer connect to PC will print messy code?
A:If the PC Buad rate is same as printer,that will not happen it.
Q:When Dot Matrix Printer make Self-testing,it happen to print messy code or red light Flashing?
A:If the Printer happen unusual printing,maybe the ribbon is too tight.Please change ribbon. 
Printer can not open cash drawer?
A:Please check the connecting way of printer and cash drawer is correct or not.
Q:Printer can not detect paper?
A:The sensor of Printer mechanism is maybe dirty.Please use banister brush to clean sensor.
Q:After the printer use some time and connect it to PC,the printer will print messy code?
A:Maybe the interface board is broken.Please change the board.
Q:The indicator light of the Control Board do not light?
A:Please check power cable correctly connect condition of printer,adaptor and power socket and also check printer power is on or off.
Q:How to use the black lable of Dot Matrix Printer to fix position?
A: Please set the DIP's SW-1 to ON at printer's bottom,and the paper black lable will on paper's right(can set black lable on paper's left).

Q:There have the sound of dot matrix printer,but it does not print?
A:The Ribbon is incorrectly installed.Please install it again.If the ribbon is wear,please change it.

Q:Dot Matrix Printer print unclear Chinese ?
A: Please set the DIP's SW-3 to ON at printer's bottom.
Q:Does the Dot Matrix Printer support print server to on-line print?

Q:Thermal&Dot Matrix Printer support how many language?
A: Simply Chinese,Traditional Chinese,Korean,Japanese and other 21 international language.
Q:After the printer print some time,it happen red light flashing(have the paper)
A:Maybe the printer mechanism is too hot.
Q:how to install a Net shared printer driver?
A:Please click Network Places to find the all shared printer in shared computer,and double click this printer's driver to install it to local print.

Q:Happen paper jam or detect paper,but can not feed paper?
A:Feed have paper scraps .

Q:how to deal with if the printer inflow the water?
A:please power off,and can use drier.But the temperature can not so high,the normal  temperature is near 50'C.

Q:What do I do if I have a scanner that is not working?
A: If you have a scanner that is not working, it most likely will need to be sent into one of our service depots for repair. If you are uncertain, technical support can assist in determining if your scanner is in need of reparing.  

Barcode scanner FAQ:

Q:Nothing happens when you follow the operating instructions.
A: 1. No power to the scanner.
    2. Incorrect cables.
    3. Connections are loose.

Q: Laser comes on, but the scanner does not decode.
A: 1. Bar code symbol is unreadable.
   2. Scanner is not programmed for the correct bar code type.
   3. Distance between scanner and bar code is incorrect.

Q: Laser do not comes on.
A: 1.No power to scanner,Check connect cable or PC port
   2.Use incorrect data cable. 

Q: Some Bar code Can not decode
A: 1. Barcode have fault,Try to scan the same type barcode and to see it can decode or not.
   2.The distance between scanner and barcode is not fit.Move near or far to scan.
   3.For badly printing result barcode,the best scan distance is 5-10cm

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